When the Big Picture Interferes with the Small One: Dating and Writing

Man seeing the big picture over the clouds, courtesy of unsplash.com

We know not to propose to someone we just met. It’s not the way relationships work. First you have some conversation, then a date, and so on. Things escalate, grow more intimate and serious. Maybe it develops into a long term relationship, maybe it doesn’t. But skipping the intermediate process rarely works to your advantage. […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 27

Yesterday when I made my comment about how I haven’t had that much practice doing this challenge on the weekend, I didn’t realize that this would actually be my last weekend to get it right. I don’t know that it would have mattered much if I did because today is Mothers Day, which means I […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 26

Oh, weekends. How you continue to vex me. I feel like I should be sleeping in on the weekend to help make up for lost sleep during the week, but I also know that getting up early allows me to get stuff done that might not get done otherwise (like much of these daily tasks). […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 25

Today went almost nothing like I expected, even up to this point when I’m posting past my bedtime. Meditation I did manage to get a short meditation session in this morning before I really got wrapped up in work, which was nice. I’m starting to think that it definitely helps get the day off right, […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 24

Something positive I’m going in a different order today because telling this story will provide a background, and some necessary detail, for the rest of the tasks. This morning, I was headed to work on time, early enough even to stop by Starbucks to treat myself to a coffee and breakfast pastry. It felt like […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 23

Let’s get this “keeping everything honest even when it doesn’t reflect too highly on me” business out of the way first. I completely forgot to do the app review last night. That’s what I get for a) putting it off; and b) swearing that I was going to do it. So, another failure. One I […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 22

Meditation Did just a few minutes this morning at the office. I might try to get another small session in this evening, but that isn’t the kind of thing I can be too sure of. It’s funny how I keep wondering if a longer session would be more effective, but I never seem to think […]