Happiness Challenge Wrap Up: Part 2, Meditation

Throughout the 30 Day Happiness Challenge, I managed to meditate at least a little bit every day. Some days it felt like I was just checking off a box. Other days, it really helped me stay focused or make it through the day with an even keel. During the labor and delivery of the twins, […]

On Recognizing Seasons (No, Not that Kind)

I’ve been trying to decide between some different options for a new 30 Day Challenge, and I was hoping to have something decided and announced this week. But I have had to balance the reality that twins are coming, and not all of my ideas would necessarily fit with that reality. I  was close to […]

An Argument for Scarcity: My Experience with Ting

Image of smartphone; courtesy of picjumbo.com

Among the many different outlooks on life is the dichotomy of scarcity and abundance. To grossly oversimplify: scarcity sees the world as a place of lack, of competition, of limited resources, where frugality is the way to succeed and the object is to increase the size of your pie slice; abundance sees the world as […]

My Favorite Kind of Writer

Cupcakes to celebrate Melanie's birthday

There are, of course, all kinds of writers. Those who entertain with witty dialogue or keep us paralyzed with suspense, our nose down and knuckles yellowing as we grip the cover just a bit too intensely. There are writers who make us laugh with jokes and those who make us laugh because the world they […]