An Even Shorter Summary of the Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books

I’ve been wanting to read more books lately. Despite the copious amount (just in my opinion) of online material and audio content I consume these days, I still miss working my way through a book, a solid chunk of writing.

While considering that longing, I recently stumbled upon The Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books by Leo Babauta over at He gives five basic habits: create reading triggers (where you always read when doing a certain thing, like eating breakfast), enjoy reading, only read what you enjoy, always take your book, and use a closet (don’t get distracted by your technology when you’re supposed to be reading).

For the most part, I think these are pretty obvious, but it’s nice to be reminded that reading books can and should be a part of our lives. I do plan to use the reading trigger idea and see if it is frustrating or useful. Let me know what you think of these habits.

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