30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 23

Let’s get this “keeping everything honest even when it doesn’t reflect too highly on me” business out of the way first. I completely forgot to do the app review last night. That’s what I get for a) putting it off; and b) swearing that I was going to do it. So, another failure. One I will hopefully learn from.


Took advantage of a short window of opportunity in which Theo was not buzzing around to do a quick meditation. That was a good call because I don’t know if I really had another chance after. It was long, but I felt okay with that. It’s building a practice slowly so that it might stick.


I knew this was going to be an issue because the rain is back, which means I can’t just run around outside with Theo or go for a quick walk. Yoga is still an option, but let’s be honest, that feels weird when other people are going about their business. I haven’t solved it as of 4:40, but I’m still on the case. I decided to do some body weight exercises (squats, push-ups, etc.) while cooking dinner. It wasn’t much, but it got me moving.


I filled out a survey after chatting with a customer service representative for Reliant. That doesn’t seem like much, but I gave really great feedback because she gave really good service. It’s kindness because I was honest and positive and because I typically don’t take the time to provide that feedback but I did knowing that it would reflect positively on her.


  1. I’m grateful for whoever made the electricity facts label mandatory. (This might only be a Texas thing.) It helps cut through all the gimmicks that make plan comparison such a pain and allowed me to make sure I was getting a decent deal.
  2. I’m grateful for Internet fax services. I’m not actually using one at the moment, but I almost had to today. It helped remind me how ludicrous “office service” places can be.
  3. I’m grateful for steak and how quickly it can be cooked and how well it pairs with potatoes and how I can feel okay about all that even though it might not be the absolute best thing I can put in my body.

Something positive

We had a nice experience with Melanie’s current OB. This is after a long story of changes and surprises, and while we might not ultimately end up with this one, it is comforting to know that he isn’t completely without personality. Instead, it’s possible that we just caught him on a bad day the other two times we met.

And that’s all for today. It seems this challenge is determined to wrap itself up no matter my feelings on the whole thing.

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