30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 22


Did just a few minutes this morning at the office. I might try to get another small session in this evening, but that isn’t the kind of thing I can be too sure of. It’s funny how I keep wondering if a longer session would be more effective, but I never seem to think I have fifteen to twenty minutes to set aside. It’s too bad meditation isn’t something I could manage during my commute (although I suppose I could if I started taking the bus or something, but that would probably double or triple my commute time.

Coincidentally, on the way home from work, I listened to a mini episode (about 10 minutes) from The One You Feed about Building a Meditation Practice, and it encouraged me to think that I’m on the right track with the starting out short plan. (For whatever reason, I couldn’t find the episode on the oneyoufeed.net site, but I think that link should work.)


Did a walk at lunch, but I think it was a little shorter than usual (I took a different route, so I’m not sure). It didn’t feel like it, though, I think because I was pretty hungry and maybe also crashing from donut/coffee consumption (more on that later). As I write this, I’m also thinking I should just go do a couple trips in the stairwell. My future self can tell you that I did in fact take a few extra, totally extraneous flights of stairs on my way out of the building today, which was a good idea because Theo and I didn’t do much running this afternoon.


  1. I’m grateful for flash drives, which have been helping me work from home since 2004. I remember the first one I bought (with company funds). It had 64 Mb of space, and I had to install drivers (off a 3.5″ floppy disk) on the computers I wanted to use it on. I think it was $40. For comparison, today you can get a faster stick with 1000x more space for half the cost. That’s after 10 years.
  2. I’m grateful for streaming music. It sometimes keeps me working. It sometimes just keeps me sane at work.
  3. I guess I’m grateful for the magic of technology. That feels a little too general, but I’m grateful that I live in such an interesting time of advancement and change.


I’m going to write an app review before I go to sleep. I swear.

Something positive

Well, my coworkers surprised me again with generosity. Last week one of them asked what kind of diapers and wipes we prefer. A few days

later I got an e-vite for a diaper shower, which was today. That’s where the donut/coffee spike happened. It was a little overwhelming to have everyone gathered around stacks of diapers and various baby accoutrement, especially since I haven’t actually met some of these people yet. I got to answer tons of questions about the pregnancy and twins and so on. I’m not a fan of that so much, but it was certainly touching to have so many people show up and offer encouragement. I’m hoping all of my “something positives” aren’t about people giving us stuff. I can’t help that so many folk are generous.

So this thing is really moving along. Hard to believe that I’m in the final quarter. I suppose I should start thinking about what I should do next (this is not living in the now, FMI).

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