Trying When You Don’t Have To: The Best Garbage Collector I Know

White face with clown nose; courtesy of

I don’t actually know him. I didn’t even see him doing what I’m about to¬†discuss (I’m reporting it secondhand), but that’s how great I think it is. Today while playing outside with his Nonna (Melanie’s mom), Theo got to see the garbage truck come down the street and pick up our trash. You wouldn’t think […]

Better Work through a 30 Day Challenge: Josh Tries Something New

At the starting line, game face on; courtesy of

I was listening to an older episode of The One You Feed, and the guest, Randy Scott Hyde, was discussing his 30 Day Happiness Experiment. In the middle of a deep depression initiated by the death of his grandmother, Hyde found himself with a growing emptiness he refers to as his “soul hole.” After struggling […]

How I’ve Failed at Slow: Typing, Skating, Swimming

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I’ve never liked “slow and steady wins the race.” For one, it’s not really true. Maybe steady wins the race, but not slow. For another, the parable doesn’t suggest that the hare loses the race because he was fast; he loses because he was arrogant. Mostly, I don’t like the idea of slow because it’s […]

Week in Review: March 30 – April 5

This week has really flown by. Not so much in the “time flies when you’re having fun” way but more in the “where have the last 168 hours gone?” way. As for the Five Karate Moves to Success? Ehh. Not my finest showing. Make Something I made dinner every day this week. That’s the best […]

Week in review: March 16-22

Despite it raining all of my life this week, I feel like it was a pretty decent one. Here’s my breakdown of how I managed the Five Karate Moves to Success. Make Something I finished building Melanie’s website this week, and I feel pretty good about it even though it could still use some work. […]

Week in Review: March 8-15

Our attempt at making our own play dough

This is the second installment in my path to enlightenment via the Five Karate Moves to Success. Maybe enlightenment is overselling it a bit. This is just my review of the previous week, which highlights my attempts to follow the framework of the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion show. This week I tried to […]

My Switching to Dvorak Experiment: Week 1, Ooph

Dvorak Typing Speed Week One

Well, I’ve been playing around with switching from a Qwerty to Dvorak keyboard for about a week now, and I think the results speak for themselves. I’m just not certain what they’re saying yet. In my unscientific, 3 min typing test, I’m currently at a little over¬†10% of my Qwerty speed (about 80-85 on this […]

Dvorak Experiment Week 0: I Contain Multitudes

Dvorak keyboard layout, image from wikipedia

I recently (like just a few days ago recently) wrote about how Qwerty vs Dvorak isn’t really a productive discussion when it comes to writing. Because typing is only one, somewhat insignificant aspect of the process, if you even type at all. But then I wrote yesterday about the Five Karate Moves for Success, and […]