Learning to Type Dvorak: Week 6

I did do a typing test today. I just decided not to post it for a few reasons. For one, I realized that typing speed was starting to carry too much weight for me. Or maybe it was always carrying too much weight, and it just became more apparent this week. I know this because […]

Better Work through a 30 Day Challenge: Josh Tries Something New

At the starting line, game face on; courtesy of gratisography.com

I was listening to an older episode of The One You Feed, and the guest, Randy Scott Hyde, was discussing his 30 Day Happiness Experiment. In the middle of a deep depression initiated by the death of his grandmother, Hyde found himself with a growing emptiness he refers to as his “soul hole.” After struggling […]

Learning to Type Dvorak: Week 4, Maybe?


I was pleased when I first saw my typing test results for this week. I broke 20 wpm. I broke into average. But then I remembered that it has been two weeks since my last test, which means my pace hasn’t picked up much. I guess I have been feeling a little more comfortable with […]

Week in Review: March 23-29

Photo of beach sand; courtesy of unsplash.com

This feels like the end of a very long week, mostly a good long though. That means it’s time to see how well I followed the Five Karate Moves to Success. I decided to restrict this week’s review to just one day: yesterday, the day of the baby shower. Let’s call it a theme. I […]

My Switching to Dvorak Experiment: Week 1, Ooph

Dvorak Typing Speed Week One

Well, I’ve been playing around with switching from a Qwerty to Dvorak keyboard for about a week now, and I think the results speak for themselves. I’m just not certain what they’re saying yet. In my unscientific, 3 min typing test, I’m currently at a little overĀ 10% of my Qwerty speed (about 80-85 on this […]