My Switching to Dvorak Experiment: Week 2, Ehh

Typing test results after two weeks of switching to the Dvorak layout, showing a speed of 16 wpm

I want to keep this one short. I’m also thinking I might change these to bi-weekly reports since there likely won’t be a lot to say every week (unless the masses demand otherwise). I did want to mention a few points though. As the screen capture indicates, I increased my typing in Dvorak speed to […]

What helps your writing most: Qwerty vs Dvorak

Black Favorit Manual Typewriter Courtesy of Florian Klauer from Unsplash

In a podcast I was listening to recently, the guest was asked about the Dvorak keyboard and why he thought it was the only way to type (he’s a programmer). I have researched the Dvorak vs Qwerty layout in the past, but at the time, most recommendations were for getting an entirely new keyboard, and […]