Fruits of Labor, Seeds of Labor: What Am I Planting?


A good friend of mine recently shared a string of publication wins. If I’m being a little honest, one of my first thoughts was, “Lucky you.” There’s always a tinge of jealousy when I hear the good news of other writers, even when they are my friends and I am genuinely happy for them. If […]

Week in Review: 50 Days in Review

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I didn’t notice until after I posted yesterday that it was my fiftieth entry¬†on the blog. So, instead of some insightful intro/retrospection, I just wrote about typing. But you probably didn’t notice either, so I don’t feel that bad. You also probably didn’t read that post, but I don’t feel too bad about that either. […]

How I’ve Failed at Slow: Typing, Skating, Swimming

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I’ve never liked “slow and steady wins the race.” For one, it’s not really true. Maybe steady wins the race, but not slow. For another, the parable doesn’t suggest that the hare loses the race because he was fast; he loses because he was arrogant. Mostly, I don’t like the idea of slow because it’s […]

Gratitude and Generalization: Thanks for Everything

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One of the most prevalent pieces of writing advice is to be specific. Use detail to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind. Avoid words like “something” or “stuff” (I know, my writing could use some work). Use active verbs and specific nouns instead of adverbs and adjectives. This is all great, but it […]

A Peak Behind the Mask: Why I Will Watch Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper Laughing for Five Minures

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Talk shows are fake. We all know it. The host might not be fake. The guests might not be fake, but the entire setup is quite forced and restricted. There is a set amount of time that needs to be filled with quality material: a few laughs, perhaps an anecdote that makes us a bit […]

Thoughts from Theo: Is Your Food Sneaky Cheeky?

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Last night after dinner, Theo and I started a silly word game. I don’t remember if I asked him about his food or if he took the initiative himself, but he soon began describing what he ate with made up words: sneedy food, doodie food, poodoo food. I countered with mostly real words in silly […]