Week in review: March 16-22

Despite it raining all of my life this week, I feel like it was a pretty decent one. Here’s my breakdown of how I managed the Five Karate Moves to Success.

Make Something

I finished building Melanie’s website this week, and I feel pretty good about it even though it could still use some work. I suggest you pay Melanie a visit, not because the site is great but because the content is. Be careful though; Melanie’s writing will hit you in your feeling place, hard.

Learn Something

I learned the world “brutiful” this week. It’s a portmanteau Glennon Doyle Melton uses to describe those moments in life that are both beautiful and brutal. I heard it in a fantastic interview on the The One You Feed podcast, which I cannot get enough of lately. Just one of many takeaways from their discussion: the way out of almost any funk is Art and Service.

Karate Chop Something

I metaphorically karate chopped the front yard this weekend. It finally stopped raining long enough to cut it, and instead of putting it off for another weekend, I just got it done. That’s a small thing, but it’s a big victory for me since I almost always wait too long to cut the grass.

Try Something New

Hmm. This might be my failure for the week. I didn’t intentionally set out to try something new, and I think that oversight has caught up to me. Instead of claiming that the typing experiment should count here, I’m just gonna acknowledge that I need to improve. 

Be Nice to Someone

I forwarded a podcast I really enjoyed to a few people I thought would appreciate it (the same one I mentioned above). And that is actually all I can think of at the moment, which means I need to work on this area in the coming week too, or I need to do a better job of keeping track. 

Overall, I did alright, but I need to be more intentional about this. Also, I should probably be aiming to practice the Five Karate Moves to Success everyday, not just per week.

Good luck on your own forthcoming week.

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