30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 27

Yesterday when I made my comment about how I haven't had that much practice doing this challenge on the weekend, I didn't realize that this would actually be my last weekend to get it right. I don't know that it would have mattered much if I did … [Read more]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 26

Oh, weekends. How you continue to vex me. I feel like I should be sleeping in on the weekend to help make up for lost sleep during the week, but I also know that getting up early allows me to get stuff done that might not get done otherwise (like … [Read more]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 25

Today went almost nothing like I expected, even up to this point when I'm posting past my bedtime. Meditation I did manage to get a short meditation session in this morning before I really got wrapped up in work, which was nice. I'm starting to … [Read more]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 24

Something positive I'm going in a different order today because telling this story will provide a background, and some necessary detail, for the rest of the tasks. This morning, I was headed to work on time, early enough even to stop by Starbucks … [Read more]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 23

Let's get this "keeping everything honest even when it doesn't reflect too highly on me" business out of the way first. I completely forgot to do the app review last night. That's what I get for a) putting it off; and b) swearing that I was going to … [Read more]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 22

Meditation Did just a few minutes this morning at the office. I might try to get another small session in this evening, but that isn't the kind of thing I can be too sure of. It's funny how I keep wondering if a longer session would be more … [Read more]