Learning to Type Dvorak: Week 4, Maybe?


I was pleased when I first saw my typing test results for this week. I broke 20 wpm. I broke into average. But then I remembered that it has been two weeks since my last test, which means my pace hasn’t picked up much. I guess I have been feeling a little more comfortable with […]

A Peak Behind the Mask: Why I Will Watch Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper Laughing for Five Minures

Man in Groucho Marks mask; courtesy of gratisography

Talk shows are fake. We all know it. The host might not be fake. The guests might not be fake, but the entire setup is quite forced and restricted. There is a set amount of time that needs to be filled with quality material: a few laughs, perhaps an anecdote that makes us a bit […]

Writing to Feel the Burn

Woman trying to touch her toes. Courtesy of gratisography.

Some days, writing feels a lot like stretching to me. I reach and reach and make myself uncomfortable for a while, and then I return to my normal, stiff self. Nothing seems to have changed; there are no visible signs of progress. I still can’t reach my toes. I still can’t do anything close to […]

Week in Review: March 23-29

Photo of beach sand; courtesy of unsplash.com

This feels like the end of a very long week, mostly a good long though. That means it’s time to see how well I followed the Five Karate Moves to Success. I decided to restrict this week’s review to just one day: yesterday, the day of the baby shower. Let’s call it a theme. I […]

Thoughts from Theo: Is Your Food Sneaky Cheeky?

Two cats playing with a pink balloon, demonstrating the importance of play. Courtesy of gratisography.

Last night after dinner, Theo and I started a silly word game. I don’t remember if I asked him about his food or if he took the initiative himself, but he soon began describing what he ate with made up words: sneedy food, doodie food, poodoo food. I countered with mostly real words in silly […]