30 Day Happiness Challenge Day 12

Been a busy day, and I can’t let it drag out for much longer. I have been waking up later for several days now. I feel a little bad about it because it makes it harder to get some of this stuff done, especially the parts that require a little isolation. But I’ve also been […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 11

This is the middle third. The beginning of the middle third of this challenge. It’s where I like to think I am in my life, assuming I have any idea how long I will live. That’s the thing, though. I don’t. This isn’t going to be a live every day like it’s your last kind […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 10

Woohoo, ten days of doing something. That’s kind of how it feels sometimes anyway. Here’s the challenge breakdown for today. Meditation Went for seven minutes at my office in the morning. I feel like this works well for me because I get there earlier than everyone else, and I have a pretty decent chance of […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 9

Pretty decent day overall. Here’s how the challenge broke down. Meditation Got it done just before writing this post. I often feel like the five minutes I’m able to squeeze in isn’t all that helpful, but I appreciate the idea that I at least got it done. Exercise I ran around the house with Theo […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 8

Gonna be a little short today probably. On account the time and energy. Meditation Did mine at lunch again. I think I’m okay with that, but I feel like there’s a little extra stress of never being quite sure if someone is going to knock on my door or try to come in my office […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 7

Seven days is a week. In case you didn’t know. It’s also not easily divisible into 30, which is probably why the original 5 task idea was for 28 days, but here we are. Meditation I did my meditating on my lunch break today. It was short (about five minutes). It didn’t feel that great […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 6

Meditation Theo got up with me this morning, and I have barely been sitting alone for more than five minutes, much less meditating. So, I’m planning to do it tonight before bed. I know what I said about meditating while lying down, but there it is. What kind of positive influence will a just before […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 5

So, I knew the weekend was going to be harder. My schedule is more flexible, and my day is often filled with running around with Theo or doing some kind of work around the house. I was right, but I think I managed to do okay today. Meditation Tried to get some extra sleep today […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 4

Meditation When I sat down at the desk to work this morning, I thought, “Oh, how do I have ten extra minutes before I need to get to work?” and then I remembered that I hadn’t meditated yet. I set about correcting that error and got about seven minutes in when Theo woke up and […]

30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 3

I am tired, but I don’t feel like I did much of anything today (aside from the usual). Maybe it’s the rain. Or the inadequate amount of sleep. Anyway, this is how the challenge went today. Exercise The walk happened, but it was cut short because I didn’t wake up as early as I was […]