On Recognizing Seasons (No, Not that Kind)

I’ve been trying to decide between some different options for a new 30 Day Challenge, and I was hoping to have something decided and announced this week. But I have had to balance the reality that twins are coming, and not all of my ideas would necessarily fit with that reality.

I  was close to settling on an option. Then Melanie went into labor late Saturday night. On the way to the hospital, I realized that none of my ideas were worth starting at this critical time. I know, you’re thinking, “And it took you how long to figure that out?”

If I tried to force my new routine on my situation, I would most likely just fail and cause myself, and my family, an unnecessary amount of stress. Instead, I need to recognize that this is a season for taking care of new babies and Theo and Melanie.

I might get some blog posts up, and I might not. Either way will be fine. I don’t need to complicate everything with a new 30 Day Challenge. My ideas will be there when the time is right. And I trust that you will be too.

Or, as Melanie just suggested, I could do the stand 30 Days of Taking Care of Twins Challenge. Although, you might not be able to play along at home. 


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    Just as an update, the twins came in a dramatic but stellar fashion. They are currently having some NICU time, mostly because of their being early. Everyone is doing well, and the challenge has begun.

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