Happiness Challenge Wrap Up: Part 1, Introduction

I finished the 30 Day Happiness Challenge almost a week ago. Since then, I’ve been casually doing the daily tasks and thinking about how nice it is to not have to make sure I get them all done in time to write about them. That part is a small relief, but I also appreciate the adjustments to my daily routine caused by the challenge.

There have also been some rather extreme changes in my life in the last few days, mainly the birth of our twin girls, Caroline and Emerson. That process has occupied most of my mind space for previous seventy-two hours or so. It was a wild experience with lots of drama and ups and downs, and while it still isn’t really over yet, I have had a chance to do a little reflecting on how¬†the Happiness Challenge has¬†benefited me throughout the journey.

In the next few posts, I’ll run through each of the challenges–Meditation, Exercise, Gratitude, Kindness, and Positive Journaling–and catalog how they were manifested in the beginning of the twinpocalypse. And then I’ll probably have a Conclusion that talks about the overall experience of the 30 Day Happiness Challenge. I hoping to stick to my regular schedule, but I am not going to stress about that.

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