30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 30

So, that’s what thirty days looks like. Huh.


I got about ten minutes in this morning. Although, to be honest, it should probably only count for like five because I kept breaking my concentration to see if Theo was awake. You don’t want to be so focused that you open your eyes to see a toddler staring at you for who knows how long. I have found the quiet moments, even during the guided meditations, to be less fraught lately. Or maybe I’m just not remembering well.


As we were getting ready to head to bed, I sighed at Melanie, “I haven’t done any exercise today.” It was my way of admitting failure, of accepting that my last day of this challenge would probably be a bit of a letdown. Her response was, “The day’s not over.” That’s the kind of accountability you can get from communicating with others. So, I did several different ab exercises, some lunges, a few push ups, and had some rebozo time. This last exercise is a great arm/shoulder workout, but it’s probably best left to those with a pregnant spouse, or at least someone who trusts you a great deal.


  1. I’m grateful that Melanie’s mom has been around to help out around the house and with Theo. I haven’t mentioned this before because it’s such an overwhelming amount of gratitude, that it hardly feels like justice to throw it in here with all these other things. But I thought about it tonight because these likely would not have made it out every day without her help.
  2. I’m grateful that despite Wednesday often feeling like Fridays to me, Thursdays aren’t that bad. That’s my story today anyway. I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes.
  3. I’m grateful for this challenge. I haven’t decided how to sum it all up yet, but I know that I appreciate the concept, and I am glad that I managed to stick with it to the end.


I did some research and found a pool where Melanie could take a break from gravity. Having near-full-term twins in your body is no joke, and it has been taking its toll on her for a while. The pool isn’t a perfect solution, but it allowed her to get a brief respite. I haven’t been counting kindness toward my family in this challenge (for the most part), but it’s almost over, so who’s going to complain at this point? Also, Melanie really loves swimming, so I feel it was an extra dose of kindness.

Something positive

I originally typed most of this up offline because the internet wasn’t working on the laptop. That’s not a positive thing. However, for some reason, when I started typing I had it in my head that this was Day 29 of the challenge. I didn’t realize until I went to my dashboard to paste in my stuff and finish everything┬áthat it was actually Day 30, the last day of the challenge. This is probably for the best. Otherwise, I might have tried to make an effort to make this day extra special. But it’s just Day 30, just like Day 24 or Day 9. Except that the challenge is over now.

I’m going to do a little reflection over the next few days, and I hope to report on that over the weekend. Thanks for being on this short journey with me.

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