30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 28

Actually got up on time. By the time I made it to work, though, I was wondering if my idea of when I need to wake up is still accurate.


Despite traffic working against me this morning, I managed to set aside a few minutes for meditation at the office. I was already thinking about work stuff, so I found it difficult to keep that from worming its way into my thoughts. It still felt good to get it taken care of early on.


I took a few flights of stairs before going for a shorter walk at lunch. I didn’t want to stray too far from the office since we’ve had sporadic rain all day. I might try a few extra steps on the stairs on my way out also. I can’t really count on any running with Theo time when the weather is like this. (Update from the future: I did a few flights of stairs and managed to run around outside with Theo for a while.)


  1. I’m grateful for folks who occasionally mention this challenge in our conversations. That has happened a few times in the last few days, and it helps remind me that this thing is getting farther than the walls of my house. And if it makes some small positive impact for someone, it is worth sharing even when that feels like a burden.
  2. I’m grateful to have an archive of these posts. I haven’t actually looked back at them much, but I know it will be gratifying to do so when the challenge is complete. Also, I just did a quick scan of past gratitudes, which helped prevent a repeat.
  3. I’m grateful for frozen pizza. I know it’s no way to live my life, but sometimes its convenience and price tag is a magical thing.


I complimented a coworker on her dress today. It was quirky and unusual, and I appreciate her willingness to be different, which I expressed. I’m hoping to get some additional kindness in, but this is what I have for now. (Future update: nothing to add.)

Something positive

While our driveway is cracked, uneven, and in need of repair, Theo enjoys running his truck over the changes in elevation like he’s offroading or something. Also, he loves puddles, and they were in ample supply this afternoon.

That’s four weeks. Only two days left until the big reveal. (Sorry, that’s some other kind of challenge.) I have an idea for my next challenge and should have details soon. Stay tuned because it will involve some audience participation.

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