Josh Shares A Crappy First Draft: Weird

Primate screaming. Courtesy of New Old Stock PhotographyOne of the secrets to good writing is crappy writing, specifically crappy first drafts. Rough drafts are one thing, but crappy drafts are golden because they allow us to set low expectations. They remove some of the pressure of hitting the blank page with quality writing. They also get us into the right headspace for allowing our creative voice to do more of the work without our editor voice stomping all over everything. In the spirit of the crappy first draft, I thought I would share one of my own. Happy hump day to all you Geico fans.


how I can walk for
so long without thinking
about push pins, thumb
tacks, and all the points
that penetrate paper
just to have
documents hanging
on a wall, in a
cubicle, hanging
on my every verb.
There is nothing
to fear but everything

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