Celebrating Small Victories: Like Twelve Consecutive Blog Posts

Smiley face pancakes from gratisography.comI know, it’s not a big deal to write twelve blog posts, and it’s not a big deal to write them twelve days in a row. But I am celebrating because it’s a new record for me. It is important to recognize that small steps can still get you a long way if you keep taking them. If we’re always looking for the large milestones, then we miss all the small accomplishments that are worth celebrating. Those small celebrations give us a little boost and help us realize that we are committed to our goals.

Small victories can also be dangerous, however. They can allow us to slack off when we shouldn’t be, or indulge in ways that we might not otherwise. We feel that we have done some good and deserve to be rewarded. We have to remember that we have larger accomplishments on the horizon. We are working toward something bigger, and the small victory is not the end point. It’s just evidence that we are on the right path.

So, thanks for following along so far. If this pace remains the same (and it may well change as we make adjustments), we will be at one hundred posts before summer is in full swing.


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