This Isn’t About Me: And It Should Be That Way More Often

It’s pretty easy for me to get stuck in my own bubble. I don’t watch the news much anymore, and I try not to worry about current events. For the most part, I’m okay with that because there is always bad happening, and I usually can’t do much of anything about it.

But I thought I would take a break from the regular post, from so much introspection, to mention that it has been a horrendous week for many people around the world. A devastating earthquake has killed thousands and displaced thousands more in Nepal. Storms and tornados have caused significant damage across the central United States, not that far from where I live. And so many other tragedies across the globe. There are better places online for you to find the facts of these events. I’m not really qualified to speak to that.

Every day, though, individuals have their lives irrevocably changed even if there aren’t major headlines to alert us to it. If you are interested in giving to organizations that help people whose lives have been wrecked, here are a few links.

Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity

Global Giving

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