My Favorite Kind of Writer

Cupcakes to celebrate Melanie's birthdayThere are, of course, all kinds of writers. Those who entertain with witty dialogue or keep us paralyzed with suspense, our nose down and knuckles yellowing as we grip the cover just a bit too intensely. There are writers who make us laugh with jokes and those who make us laugh because the world they paint is just that dark and realistic and laughter is really the only way keep reading. With so many different styles and voices to appreciate, we could read forever without running out of quality material.

One of my favorite kinds of writer is the kind who cares, who cares so much that it shows in the work. The kind of writer who doesn’t hide behind insincerity or sarcasm, who isn’t afraid to let emotions bleed into the sentences. I appreciate a writer who crafts amazing sentences, but I really love the one who uses those sentences in service of a moving story.

Melanie is that kind of writer. She doesn’t always feel that way, but she is. (If you don’t know that already, you can find out by seeing some of Melanie’s musings at her website.)

It’s also her birthday, so feel free to wish her a happy one and tell her how great she is. That’s what I’m doing.

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