30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 27

Yesterday when I made my comment about how I haven’t had that much practice doing this challenge on the weekend, I didn’t realize that this would actually be my last weekend to get it right. I don’t know that it would have mattered much if I did because today is Mothers Day, which means I get to force Melanie to make all the decisions. I mean, I get to make sure Melanie has a nice day. In this case, that meant not necessarily having lots of time for my own thing. Here’s how that worked out for the challenge.


Going for the just before bed meditation. I’m going to keep it short though since I’d prefer not to dose off during it. At this point, it’s really more about not breaking my streak than it is about getting the day off right. But keeping the streak going might prove to be a motivation at a later date when it could be even more helpful.


Spent a lot of time with Theo today, running and walking and pushing him around in his play truck. It wasn’t strenuous, but it was in medium to strong humidity.


  1. I’m grateful for Melanie’s patience as a mother.
  2. I’m grateful for Melanie’s sensitivity as a mother.
  3. I’m grateful for Melanie’s self-awareness as a mother.

Of course, I could keep going, but I only have to list three. I’m also grateful for all the other moms (including mine) who continue to contribute great things to my life. I think Mothers Day is mostly overwrought, but I appreciate that it reminds me to say something kind to a few people in my life who happen to be moms.


So, that’s what I did for my kindness today. I sent personal messages to a bunch of moms I know who are currently rocking it in their journey of child rearing. Totally worth it.

Something positive

I snuck vegetables into meatloaf. I’m not exactly sure if that fits with the rest of this daily challenge summary. But I managed to get spinach and kale into BBQ meatloaf muffins without anyone noticing, and I just have to share that. We’ve been trying to get a little more green with our food lately. I don’t mean environmentally conscious; I mean eating more green stuff. It can be difficult at times, and I’m glad to have found another way to put something healthy alongside or inside our regular fare. With the use of a small food processor, it was also relatively painless, so it feels pretty positive to me.

Have a nice Monday, et al.

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