30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 20


I didn’t get the meditating done in the morning, but I did manage to set aside a few minutes in the evening. Not right before bed either, which was a nice change. I also tried a different guided meditation, one that was supposed to be for creativity. It was much more of a visualization exercise than I am used to, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I’m not sure what it did for my creativity juices, but I’m also not certain if it really counts as meditation. I suppose that’s up to me, and it looks like I’m counting it.


Did a few minutes of yoga in the backyard with Theo. When I say with, I don’t mean that he did yoga with me. He was just out there. His participation was mainly to tell me that I was funny. He has tried out a few poses in the past with Melanie. Mostly, he likes downward facing toddler. We also went for a walk and did some running around the backyard.


  1. I’m grateful for being healthy enough to play with Theo as much as he wants and in the way that he wants (running, crawling, sitting, squatting, etc.). Well, maybe I’m not always up for it, but I appreciate that that is the exception, at least for now.
  2. I’m grateful for the playground in the neighborhood and its proximity to our house. It’s a pretty small setup, but Theo loves it and continues to find new ways to play and learn there.
  3. I’m grateful for services like Google Keep, or anything along those lines, that allow me to take notes on this challenge (among other things) throughout the day. It means I don’t have to spend the last few moments of my day finishing up this report. I can just collate or combine what I’ve already been working on.


I sent a short note to a friend with some kind words in it. I guess I’m sometimes surprised how rarely I do that sort of thing considering how little effort it requires. I just did it in the middle of composing this report since I hadn’t done my kindness yet. I should try to remember how easy it is to potentially brighten someone’s day.

Something positive

I didn’t post a normal blog post this weekend. It was the first weekend for it, and I wasn’t completely certain how I would feel on Saturday when I wasn’t putting something, even something short or something pointing to someone else’s something, out there. Turns out, I was okay with it. I enjoyed my Saturday a little more without the thoughts of that unfinished post pressing into my consciousness every few minutes. Ultimately, I would like to take advantage of that by using the weekends to get further ahead in my daily posting. I didn’t do that this time around, but it is something to aim for.

Another weekend down; another week ahead. This is life. Also, two-thirds of the challenge is now in the past.

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