30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 19

Weekends are still pretty tough on the challenge front. I feel like I am not able to control my time as much as I am during the week. Part of the problem is that I wake up later, usually with Theo, which means I don’t necessarily have any quiet time in the morning. Part of the problem is that there isn’t as much routine on the weekend, so I never know exactly how things are going to go.


Which meant that I didn’t set aside any time for meditation until putting Theo to sleep. And I did a few minutes, but again, not as effective as in the morning.


I planted three shrubs in the backyard. If you don’t think it counts, you can come tell that to my muscles and just barely blisters.


  1. I’m grateful for thermoses, which allow us to have decaf and caffeinated coffee brewed at the same time without one of them getting too cold.
  2. I’m grateful bug spray, both the kind that repels and the kind that kills. In general, I try to be kind to living things, but I make special exceptions for mosquitoes, ants, and roaches.
  3. I’m grateful for Melanie’s sense of humor, which has kept her from slashing anyone’s tires, or at least has kept her entertained when she discusses how she would have liked to slash someone’s tires.


I sent a short note to a friend thanking her for her art. It was a small thing, but her response made it well worthwhile. I guess the sending of the note itself made it worthwhile, and her response made me feel extra good about it.

Something positive

I went to the chiropractor with Melanie today, and it was totally packed because a) it was the weekend, and b) the chiropractor had recently been out of town for a conference. Packed enough that a number of people were standing in the waiting room. Melanie didn’t even finish checking in before a guy got out of his seat so she could sit down. That was thoughtful and kind and prevented me from glaring at a bunch of strangers for not being considerate of the pregnant lady. I appreciated it.

My 30 Day Happiness Challenge is now eligible to vote. If days were years, and it were a legal U.S. citizen, and if it wasn’t a felon, and if any of that even made any sense. Also, I just remembered it’s day 19, not 18. Definitely time for sleep.

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