30 Day Happiness Challenge Day 12

Been a busy day, and I can’t let it drag out for much longer. I have been waking up later for several days now. I feel a little bad about it because it makes it harder to get some of this stuff done, especially the parts that require a little isolation. But I’ve also been feeling a little less tired. Anyway, here’s the rundown.


Tried to get this done while waiting for Theo to fall asleep, which meant I dozed myself (maybe I am still tired). It’s not nearly as effective this way. I don’t think just after waking or just before sleeping is the way to go.


More running around with Theo, with a few pushups thrown in. I was pretty active today even though I didn’t do much formal exercise. I’m going to let that count even though I feel a little crummy about it.


  1. I’m grateful for charcoal and barbecue pits and their ability to cook meats.
  2. I’m grateful that the thunderstorm this morning was only here for the morning, allowing for a mostly sunny and not too hot day.
  3. I’m grateful that latex paint can so easily be wiped off linoleum and washed down the sink.


The weekends are extra tough on this one because I don’t often see anyone except my own family. And while I have no issue with being kind to them, I don’t feel like it counts necessarily. So, I sent another random email to someone I respect thanking them for their work.

Something positive

I spend quite a while today looking for the hardware for the crib. Putting it together was one of the things I definitely wanted to accomplish today, and I was starting to get the sinking feeling that not only was it not going to happen, but maybe we would have to order replacement hardware. From a cursory search, it looks like that would have been between $50 and $100, and who knows how long it would’ve taken to get here. In the end, I found the hardware in an unexpected place and proceeded to assemble the crib without too much angst. It was a positive experience because I never lost my patience through the whole thing.

And happy Saturday night.

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