How to Feel Like a Chump When Buying New Glasses

Woman making glasses with her fingers; courtesy of gratisography

I wish I could buy a pair of eyeglasses without feeling like I’m being swindled. I mean, I don’t think I’m actually getting cheated (feel free to fill me in on how I’m wrong on that one), but it certainly feels like those new frames are actually just wool being pulled over my eyes. Here […]

Thoughts from Theo: Was It Today or Last Year?

When Theo talks about the past, he refers to it as last year. It can mean yesterday: “I had fun at Target last year.” It can mean last week: “Last year we saw cats at the park.” It can be some undetermined time: “I was a sad baby last year.” He’s really bad with time […]

Gratitude and Generalization: Thanks for Everything

sunset in cornfield

One of the most prevalent pieces of writing advice is to be specific. Use detail to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind. Avoid words like “something” or “stuff” (I know, my writing could use some work). Use active verbs and specific nouns instead of adverbs and adjectives. This is all great, but it […]