30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 10

Woohoo, ten days of doing something. That’s kind of how it feels sometimes anyway. Here’s the challenge breakdown for today.


Went for seven minutes at my office in the morning. I feel like this works well for me because I get there earlier than everyone else, and I have a pretty decent chance of not being disturbed. Plus, it’s not first thing in the morning, so there’s less chance that I’ll be too tired to handle it. But, I don’t go into work every day, so I still need to get it done at home too.


Went for another walk at lunch, which was hot but nice. Saw a few dogs being walked and playing fetch at a park. The smell of magnolias is out in Houston. It can be pretty powerful at times.


  1. I’m grateful that it isn’t yet too hot to walk at lunch without having an extra shirt at work. I wonder if I should start taking an extra shirt to work.
  2. I’m grateful for the speed at which I can connect with people via the magic of the internet. I don’t use it as often as I should, but it is handy.
  3. I’m grateful that my job isn’t so high pressure that I can take a few minutes to be bummed at work when I need to.


I asked a service worker how he was doing today. And I let someone walk in front of me even though I had the right of way. That might actually be it. This is clearly my weakest of the five tasks. Someone (me) should make me do something about it instead of just mentioning how awful I am. I should probably start sending at least one kind email every morning. That way, I know I’ll have something in the books.

Something positive

Today has mostly been a day of unpleasant surprises. Despite that, or I guess because of it, Melanie and I have talked a lot about the bummerish nature of our present moment. That doesn’t sound all that positive, but it is because I have someone to talk all that over with. We can discuss our misfortune and the misfortune of others and be empathetic and understanding. In general, we can just be partners, and that is certainly a positive.

And that’s ten days, which is one third for those of you doing fractions at home. It seems a little more like four or five days to me, but you should trust me because I’m getting old. Have a nice Friday.

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